Statement of Values

We believe Our plan includes multiple components, which together will provide an entry point for information, guidance, representation and improved quality of life for seniors. The model leverages community collaboration to bring together existing services and resources for better utilization. 

We believe that we are strongest when we are most inclusive. We seek to involve every segment of our community’s senior population in every aspect of our work. We believe that out of that involvement will grow understanding, commitment, and positive change, enhancing the services we provide.

We believe that we must continuously seek, anticipate and prioritize new and better ways to meet our changing member and client needs.

We believe that people who give their time or money to our collaborative should have clear, accurate information about our program, services and the value they provide to the community

We believe that by assessing the effectiveness of our programs against objective standards, we can substantiate and improve the value of our organization and that we must encourage our members to do the same.

We believe that members, donors volunteers and clients, are the principal stakeholders in the Senior Collaborative; sensitivity to their needs is essential to our success.

We believe that seniors who are the recipients of services, should be committed to the enhancement and betterment of their quality of life and participation within the community we serve.

We believe that we are advocates for all seniors in Indian River County to shape a common vision of a caring and inclusive community and we strive to transform that vision into a dynamic reality.