Holding Hands


OUR Florida provides renters who qualify with relief on unpaid bills.

Do you rent your home?
Did you lose your job or experience a loss of income?
Are you behind on your rent or facing eviction?
Did you receive a shutoff notice from your utility?

Am I eligible?

You are eligible if you:

  • Are a renter in Florida;
  • Are low-income;
  • Have qualified for unemployment, experienced a loss of income, incurred significant costs or faced financial hardships; and
  • Are at risk of losing your home.

How do I apply?

1 Gather your documentation.

If you are a renter, collect all of these documents that apply:

  • Identification, such as driver’s license, birth certificate or passport;
  • Current lease agreement or other proof of rental arrangements, such as receipts, bank records or canceled checks that show a pattern of rent payments;
  • Documentation of income, such as tax filings or pay stubs;
  • Documentation of unemployment, reduction of income or burden of expenses; and
  • Notice of past due rent or eviction.

If you are a landlord, collect these documents:

  • Identification, such as driver’s license, birth certificate or passport;
  • Verification of ownership or proof of property management;
  • Bank deposit information; and
  • Notice of late rent, notice of eviction, or an eviction filing.

2 Visit www.OURFlorida.com or call 1-833-493-0594 to begin your application process.

3 Eligible rental payments will be made directly to landlords or qualifying management companies, and eligible utility payments will be made directly to utility companies for applicants who qualify. Payments are determined by lease agreements and statements for utilities.

I have already received relief. Can I still apply?

If you have already received assistance through the CARES Act, state and local relief funds, or private, non-profit organizations, the rent or utility bills that were covered by these programs are not eligible for payments through OUR Florida. Rent and utility bills that were not covered by these programs may be eligible for support from OUR Florida.

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