census packet

We All Benefit When We Respond to the Census

Your response to the 2020 Census can help shape your future and the future of your community.

Counting everyone helps communities receive funding needed for health care, education, emergency services, and more. Over the next decade, lawmakers, business owners, and many others will use 2020 Census data to make critical decisions in our communities

Help shape the future of our community. Your responses inform how the programs below are funded each year.

Community Support

Section 8 Housing Assistance Payment Programs


Head Start

Food Assistance

Supplimental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)


Unemployment Insurance


Medical Assistance Program (Medicaid)


Small Business Development Centers


State Wildlife Grants


Highway Planning & Construction

Public Safety

Assistance to Firefighters Grant

The programs listed above are examples from the “Uses of Census Bureau in Federal Funds Distribution” report, which provides estimates of the federal funds distributed each year in whole or in part using 2010 U.S. Census Bureau data.

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